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Several functions, that can be used by an AutoCAD® users in their everyday work, now available at Autodesk App Store


YouTube channel, that demonstrates a basic SAMARA features was created
YouTube channel

AutoCAD 2018 compatible


   The necessary condition for the software's successful introduction is the software's developers technical support ("Laboratory of Complex Technologies"). We render such services:

   1. Installation and the initial testing of software
The system's installation is trivial procedure. However, experience shows that some enterprise-clients are interested in software's delivering and installing by a representative of our enterprise. This service is free of charge, enterprise pays only for traveling expenses.

   2. Training the software's users
Our training course gives the knowledge necessary for work in system independently. The deep and detailed mastery of system is reached on the basis of real practice.

   We train users on the following conditions:
° The enterprise-customer chooses a place of carrying out of training. Training (teaching) at the territory of our enterprise is preferable, because the trained specialists can become acquainted with the real experience of the application of a system in the appropriate services of the mines of JSC "Pavlogradugol". We can train a group of 2 people for once at the territory of our enterprise and a group of 10-12 people for once at the territory of enterprise-customer.
° The training realize by the representatives of "Laboratory of Complex Technologies".
° Duration of a curriculum - 10 workdays.
° The users must be temporarily freed from their basic responsibilities to the period of trainig.
° If necessary enterprise-customer should train the users in bases of work with the computer, OS Microsoft Windows, Microsoft Office and AutoCAD before teaching SAMARA.
° If training passes in the territory of enterprise-customer, the enterprise-customer must give placement and equipment, necessary for organizing the training. For the effective instruction is recommended, at least, one computer for two users.

   3. Technical support
Technical support provides answers to questions on system's use by phone and e-mail in "a hot line" mode. The system's updating, developed during term of technical support can be given at will of customer. Cost of this service - 30% of the cost of acquired software for one year (first year after sale - free of charge)

   4. Completion existing and development of new software
Each enterprise has the features of conducting works. Therefore, modules of the program can be modified specially for the enterprise or created, if it is not possible to solve problem by the existing SAMARA's modules.

   5. Development of the information-geometric model of the mining operations
"Laboratory of Complex Technologies " can perform works on initial formation of information-geometrical model of enterprise's mining works for acceleration of SAMARA system's introduction process at the enterprise-customer. Such works include the introduction of the enterprise's topographic basis, geometry of the planned projections of mine using working plane-tables, input of attributive information for plans of mine workings, and if necessary, the development of the model of mine workings. The cost of such works depends on the sizes and the saturation of the horizon and on the average can be about $5000-9000 one horizon.