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   SAMARA - System of the Automation of mine-surveyor works.
   Basic purpose – daily operations automation office studies information by the mine-surveyor (geological - mine-surveyor) division of the mining enterprise.

   SAMARA technology
Since 1996 "Laboratory of Complex Technologies" (Pavlograd, Ukraine) conducts the development and introduction of the operations automation office studies information by the geological - mine-surveyor division of the mining enterprise. The experience of enterprises, which works in this direction, was actively studied by us, and solution development for their problems(tasks) was manufactured and was tested. Today we can say that the information texnologies(IT) using by the engineering services of the mining enterprises is considerably lower than in other branches of industry. The reason is not only the branch crisis at the 90th - the period, when the IT mastering become mass and relatively effective. The geological - mine-surveyor division work played not lowest role. The information nature and the processing technology present special requirements for the Software and are too capacious for any common program. Furthermore, for the most enterprises there are a lot of difficulties in the initial stage of IT introduction. So, for system functioning it is necessary to solve, as a minimum, such following problems as:
1. The necessary program and technical equipment purchase.
2. Training the specialists.
3. Creating the works conducting standards.
4. Initial information (working model) preparation.
5. The Software adaptation to the enterprise needs.
6. Partial responsibilities redistribution and a change the interaction order.
7. Possibly, some corrections in surveying technology.
If solution of "1" is in the necessary money resources presence and does not require essential time expenses, then solution of "2"-"7" has another way. So that the technology would earn, insufficient the enthusiasts efforts. All enterprise, or its large part must be implicated in the process. So, a number of the administrative solutions, which can guarantee the necessary volume of works fulfillment will be required.
The preparation of initial information (primary model construction) occupies special position in the cycle of the introduction technology. Up to the moment of introducing the technology, the enterprise already worked for many years (as a rule, more then ten years). The collection and processing of the enormous amount of different information is the primary task. The graphic basis creation (mine outlet surface, mine workings, geological formations, etc.) and the numerical database (the mine workings three-dimensional geometry description, geological characteristics, etc.) is necessary. Moreover this volume of works is necessary to carry out in addition to the current tasks.
The Software adaptation to the conditions of enterprise is dictated by that circumstance that none of the existing means can entirely answer the accepted by the enterprise standards and technologies. So, selecting the Software it's necessary to have developer's technical support.
Thus, thinking about the IT introduction, you should know that the acquisition only the Software and technical equipment will not give the good results. To acquire TECHNOLOGY is much better. Moreover if the technology already works at other enterprises, and after detailed acquaintance with it and after the correspond estimation to the enterprise's tasks. Furthermore, it is necessary to obtain clear picture about the proposed solution for the problems, connected with the technology's introduction and its technical support. Certainly, the financial and time expenses at the result of works conducting entire cycle will be more essential, but it's the best variant for enterprise. Besides the effectiveness of works, IT contain a lot of possibilities, unattainable by other methods. The engineer's deliverance from the fulfillment of routine operations and the assignment the instruments set for conducting the three-dimensional analysis of situation sharply enlarges a quantity of the versions in question and as a result increases the effectiveness solutions production. And in the conditions of the highly expensive mining production, such solution can pay all carried expenditures at once (there are a lot of episodes in our practice).
One of such technologies is proposed by our enterprise - SAMARA technology. This is the complex of software, applying methods and procedures, conducting standards for the model of mining operations, diagrams of interaction between the enterprise and the developer in all stages of introduction and functioning.
Technology assumes creation, edition and use the information-geometric mine workings model of enterprise for the current problems solution of the geological - mine-surveyor division. Model consists of the graphic file (files) and the external database, which contains additional information about the mine workings geometry, surface, geological layers, etc. Technology was developed with the direct participation of the JSC "Pavlogradugol's" geological - mine-surveyor division specialists (first of all - mine "Pavlogradskaya"). The technology's introduction cycle is repeatedly tested both at the this enterprises's mines, considerably removed territorially (Transbaikalia, Kuznetsk Basin, the Khabarovsk Territory).
The basis of technology's software is the universal engineering graphic complex AutoСAD. Takeing into account the wide complex propagation and its developed infrastructure, this approach ensures a number of the advantages, which increase the chances of successful technology mastering at the enterprise. They are:
° the great quantity of training and systematic literature and other AutoCAD materials, which make it possible to study product without assistance and to improve in its applying
° AutoCAD openness, that makes it possible to supplement its possibilities by another developments
° the possibility of applying of numerous (more than 5000) applications and utilities, which considerably expand set of instruments
° the possibility of creating the common working area with other engineering enterprise subdivisions and the possibility of direct graphic and connected information exchange

The AutoCAD platform basing technology reflects one additional fundamental moment. The engineer's IT mastering have to start from mastering the engineering computer-based graphics. I.e., man, at first, have to make with the computer's help that he knows how to make on the paper with the help of the drawing instruments collection. And the universal engineering graphic platforms of light and middle class (first of all, AutoСAD, Microstation, CADdy) - beyond comparison. The specialized minimg software on the part of the instruments of "free drawing", as a rule, is not good.
But it's not enough only the base platform. There is no a set of instruments specific for this thematics and applied problems in the base means. That's why the platform must be combined with the specialized systems (software). The best variant for simplicity of mastery and use - when that specialized software is build it the platform, i.e., is an application to it. But it is possible to apply and specialized software. World tendencies and standards tells, that practically any software, which has vector graphics instruments, can exchange the data with the AutoCAD.
Basic specialized software of the SAMARA technology is the similar program set, developed by our enterprise as AutoCAD application. Software-based system SAMARA – is more than hundred program modules and the functions, which supplement the means of platform with the set of instruments for the tasks of geological - mine-surveyor service. This system covers the substantial part of the most typical tasks: processing data of surveying with the graphic mapping and the documentation of results, simulation and the analysis of the geometry of mine workings, the creation of the information retrieval database of the model objects, geological information processing, simulation and analysis of geological formations, the graphic documentation of different scale and designation preparation, etc.
The set of system's instruments is oriented to realization of one of the key IT advantages - simulation in three-dimensional space. Working in the customary projections, the engineer obtains means for objects study and analysis in three-dimensional space, which considerably increases the perception percent and control of situation. The means of three-dimensional simulation and analysis are applicable both for the mining and for the surface works.
SAMARA system is easily combined with other specialized AutoCAD applications. The information exchange with the other software can be organized. The model is a good basis for the data exchange with other engineering services of your enterprise, for example, with the design and technological divisions, which are widely using AutoCAD applications.

   System provides:
° input, accumulation and processing field measurements data with their subsequent graphic mapping
° conducting the complex of the graphic works, connected with mapping of the current state of mine workings, by their design and by the control of conducting
° conducting measuring and marking operations in planned projection and in three-dimensional space
° the automatic formation of the mine workings three-dimensional models
° preparation and the production mining graphic documentation (different designation and scales)
° input, accumulation and processing the data about the geological structure of mountain outlet, obtained in the course of reconnaissance boring, sinking and cleaning works
° the three-dimensional space models of relief and geological layers formation and analysis

   List of the basic SAMARA's functions:
Calculation, equalizing, the text document formation and drawing:
° field traverse
° the results of tachymetric and trigonometric survey measurements
° the results of the notches method measurements
° the results of the ordinates method measurements
° the results of leveling survey
° electronic devices (Topcon, Trimble, 3TA5, Leica, Nikon, Sokkia, Geodimeter) data

Mine workings profiles calculation with an arbitrary quantity of parameters (soil and the roofing of mine working; mine working's width, height; the height of cable laying, the height of conveyor, the width of working passage etc.).

Joints precalculation, the text document formation and drawing the results.

° automatic and semiautomatic construction of the mine workings planned projections on the reference points using clamps
° automatic construction of the mine workings profiles with an arbitrary quantity of parameters
° automatic construction of the mine workings three-dimensional models
° automatic construction of the boreholes planned projections on the indicated layer
° automatic construction of the boreholes lithographic columns in the assigned ranges of marks and the diverse variants of tyings
° automatic construction of the boreholes axes's three-dimensional models

° horizontal lengths on the straight line and along the curvilinear trajectories measurements
° horizontal and vertical angles measurements
° true lengths and volumes of the mine workings sections measurements
° marking the mine workings sections on the plane and in the three-dimensional space
° measurement of areas in the outlines of arbitrary form

Graphic documents's preparation:
° cartographic arbitrary symbols, types of lines and shadings libraries(with the possibility of its own completion)
° control the cartographic documents elements visualization order and their automatic sorting
° semiautomatic formation the number of the cartographic elements (ravines, structure, railroads...)
° automatic formation the printings-out attributic information for the assigned size, scale, arrangement and orientation

Information support:
° functions which bind model's graphic objects with the text-numerical information and possibility to administrate this information
° search and select models functions using connected data

Now SAMARA system contains more than 100 different functions, which ensure development and completion of the mine working model at the mining enterprise, and model using for the solution of the laboratory problems of mine-surveyor - geological service.