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YouTube channel, that demonstrates a basic SAMARA features was created
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   Enterprise history

    In the production activity of the mining enterprise geological - mine-surveyor service occupies special position. Considering that circumstance, that data of this service are a source of the initial information about the geometry of mine workings, rates and characteristics of sinking and cleaning works, quantity and quality indicators of obtained mineral, it is possible to speak, that precisely here is located the beginning of information traffics and the effectiveness of the work of enterprise depends on the quality of this information in many respects. The special feature of the work of geological- mine-surveyor service is the need for operating the large volumes of the different information, accumulated in tens years. It's a data of field measurements, and large massifs of the three-dimensional connected numerical information, and, finally, graphic documentation of the most varied nature. Combined analysis of all these data is the very labor-consuming and scrupulous process, where the computer information tehnologies can get the greatest effect, making standard operations and calculations, lowering the probability of subjective errors and ensuring reliable storage and rapid access to the large massifs of data.
    In 1996 in the state-owned holding company "Pavlogradugol" (Pavlograd, Ukraine) the work on creation and introduction at enterprises in the company of the system of the automation of geological- mine-surveyor works was begun. The basic developer of works was "Laboratory of Complex Technologies". Developers placed the automation of major portion of the calculated and graphic laboratory works, and creating the mechanism of collection, accumulation and processing of geological information as central objectives. Sequential development and checking in the real work conditions of different calculated and graphic modules, the mutual coordination of information chains, the policy formulation of solution for different problems made it possible to form the program set, which was called SAMARA.
    The basic results of system development are:
° development and check decision's techniques of the problems under production conditions.
° creating and testing the technology of the system's introduction in the operating enterprise, which includes the development of model according to different initial data, training the specialists of enterprise, technical support. The development of technology, which includes entire complex of the works and solutions, necessary for the successful introduction and stabilization of the automated system on the mine was done.
° the experience of the application of the automated system in the daily work of mine-surveyor (unique for the mining branch of the Ukraine) was obtained.

    SAMARA system was represented at the branch exhibitions and the seminars, where appreciation from the side of scientific and technical specialists was obtained.