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YouTube channel, that demonstrates a basic SAMARA features was created
YouTube channel

AutoCAD 2018 compatible

   SAMARA-Т (technologist)

   SAMARA-Т - accelerate and improve performance the technology department at mines enterprises.
   The main purpose - simplification of routine work on equipment placement in the mine roadway (taking into account actual size). Creating multiple versions of the calculations in the shortest possible time to give final documents. Relief design drawings in accordance with the current requirements of All-Union State Standard and/or technologic specifications.

Nowadays, the system has a rather extensive (and constantly updated) tools that allow to use it for making a variety of graphic documentations and to perform calculations that produce the technologic department of coal mines.

   The system includes:
° database catalogs for equipment sizes, transport, rental, electrical equipment, cables, chains, ropes (which are used for calculations and drawing).
° great quantity of equipment's blocks (that can be replenished at the customer's request) for mines. These blocks can be inserted in a predetermined scale at the drawing. Today, we have over a thousand blocks (many of them are dynamic, so, they can change their features on the fly).
° commands for easy creating such objects as chain, rope, railway, profile, breakline, marginalia, schedules, and a lot of others. There is a library of signs (for example, stream of air, ventilation doors, fire extinguisher, e.t.c.).
° haulage calculation, mine working support distance calculation, e.t.c. The calculations are stored in a database, accessible over the LAN. The final result of the calculation – MSWord report.
° wiring creation, calculation, saving to database. The final result of the calculation – MSWord report and AutoCAD drawing.